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The Man Who Would Be King

I’m a-reelin’ and a-rockin’ and the martial music is getting more insistent and the people they’re all singing Rue Britannia and ain’t none of us about to get any satisfaction.
(No – this one isn’t about music).

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The Lie: it’s the truth

My last post before leaving for London to have at the liars and scoundrels on one of the most inauspicious days in British politics, wherein I don’t compare Nigel Farage with Adolf Hitler.

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Take Back Control?

Your chances are very remote I've tried all manner of arguments, to no avail, as the Leave campaign has taken no notice of me. Let me try another approach... Back in the day, I was a tad involved in the hi-fi business. And when I say 'back in the day', the one I'm...

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Pants on Fire? If Only.

For all of my stubborn, opinionated, arrogant ravings, you may be shocked to hear that I do tend towards a certain naïveté, not unlike that expressed by Jack Nicholson's character in Mars Attacks: "Why can't we all... just get along?" Following which he was gruesomely...

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Recycling the EU

First, a simple guide to Brexit mentality. There's a guy on a bicycle. He's strong, but not quite as fit as he used to be. He talks to himself a lot ('I/me...'), but shouts at others ('WE/US...'): "This damn thing isn't working properly, it keeps pulling to the...

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